Jean Marie Casbarian

I use the process of art making to probe and investigate social and cultural behavior, human limitation, and circularity. Throughout these investigations, I solicit questions rather than finding answers: What exactly is this friction that occurs when the superficial considerations of the body collide with a social or political environment, amoral or otherwise? What lies in this gray area between truth and fiction? Is one man’s truth another’s fabrication? Are we derived from cultural histories, both true and imagined? And with the accretion of time, do we morph into yet another self?

Although I define myself as an artist that will cross disciplines and work in a variety of media (photography, video, sound, performance), photographic principles have always been at the core of my work. Historic notions of light and time, the ephemeral quality of film, and the delicate nature of emulsion have guided my interdisciplinary intentions. Concerns around memory, loss and longing, personal and political mythologies, disconnected family histories and the confusion of cultural identity have created the stage in which I investigate, in real time, this literal and liminal space.